We are devoted to making your time on the internet safe while at the same time giving you what you want and need. Our lead program is set up and owned by Telemarketing-Leads®, a Texas based company in the U.S. At Telemarketing-Leads®, we understand the importance of privacy. The information we collect and share is presented in our privacy policy so you are certain of what we are doing. We will never give or sell your contact information and personal information collected through our website, unless granted explicit permission to do so by you.

Our company specializes in providing information to the consumers that are in need of insurance products offered by a variety of agents and vendors. By clicking “territory review”, you are agreeing to let us use the information you give us to connect you with information that best fits your situation based on that information. By providing us with up to date information, we can provide you with the best options available for your unique situation.

It is important to us that you understand, like every other web based company out there; we do collect data and use it for various purposes. Our lead program will keep track of the services you use and information on the website so that we can work on improving our site and services so we can offer the best services for our clients. This includes general website interactions and patterns.

Cookies are a commonly used practice for any website. We reserve the right to place cookies in your browser so that we can easily use the information provided. It will only keep the information you provide and does not allow us any access to your personal information or computer outside of that.

By accessing our site we allow you the ability to update information you give us and delete information if you want us to. However, you should be aware that in some rare cases we cannot delete information, but that does not mean the information is accessible to other people.

When you give us information during our quoting process, your information will be under the direction of the providers’ privacy policy in addition to our own. We do not have control over their practices and any concerns you have will need to be dealt with directly through them. By using our quote system you are agreeing to be contacted by them via the means you list: email, phone, or other methods.