All your frequently asked questions about our services will be answered right over here.

What questions are asked mostly or what is to be verified while having a phone presentation?

Every lead service we provide is different from the other. The criteria of Medicare applicant and a Reverse Mortgage applicant varies. All the knowledge of the industries we have and in which we deal in is the foundation of the decision whether some prospect is qualified according to the requirements or not.

What is the gap between two appointments?

If you are looking for several counties for marketing of your campaign then we will put up to you by keeping you per day in one county along with the zip order. We try all our best to keep all your appointments close.

Do I need to sign the contract for placing an order?

As there are no short term or long term contracts thus each client has got his own agreement and its terms and conditions as well. These terms and conditions are settled between the client and the company. You will not be forced to make huge amount of purchases. Just pay as you go.

What is the limit number while making appointment?

The minimum limit of the phone leads or appointments one can purchase is 20.
Is it necessary to select the time and days for the appointments? We only schedule the appointments according to your convenience and desired hours and days.

What is the advance duration of scheduled appointments?

Every appointment is presented in advance within maximum 48 hours. Appointments from Tuesday till Saturday and are always scheduled within 24 hours of the time of appointment.

What are the recommended payment options?

All payment options are accepted.

Is there any refunding option?

No, there is no such option as refunding.

Is there any replacement policy and what is it?

Yes, we provide with the replacement policies. Any appointment which has not been verified correctly can be replaced or if the potential customer did not agree to meet. Any missed lead is supposed to be notified within 24 hours. All calls are recorded so anything that was said or told in the phone lead or appointment is present with us.

How and when will I get the appointments?

Regular emails will be sent for appointments before 10:30pm Central Time. You will have to be responsible for keeping check on this and there should be no mistake in your email address when you make an order for the first time.
Any health issue screening involved? For Medicare and Life Insurance we offer health screening which is optional.

Is screening involved in government or retirement plans?

For the Medicare Insurance all of the appointment setters will have to carry out screening for the group or retirement benefits. 

How should I dress when I am meeting the client?

Successful agents usually wear attire as it is the normal professional dress code. Always carry a Medicare book with you to let the seniors know that you are there for a reason.

What am I supposed to do when I reach for confrontation?

When you are in for meeting the client start on with greeting and then introduced yourself by your name and let them know about the appointment and why you are there.

Can I call the appointments in advance to know if they are available?

This is not advisable as it may reduce the presentation by 50%. The expert staff does the appointment setting so there is no such reason due to which you would need to make an advance appointment. If you make the decision of calling in advance then they might turn away from their agreement. So whenever you feel like calling in advanced for the appointment, don’t.

What if all the appointments in a particular week is not suitable for one?

You cannot be sure of any specific amount of appointments that will be delivered in this market. Apart from this, it is quite rare for any of our customers having consistent shorted appointment schedule. If you are shorted then we can make adjustments for you within the following week.