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Life Insurance Leads

Life Insurance Leads – Appointments, Phone Leads

Life nsurance LeadsAmong the many marketing techniques which are used to address the concerns of customers, none are as interactive as telemarketing. This marketing method is unique in that you are able to make changes, almost instantly, with just a phone call.

When you are looking for life insurance leads, you won’t need to look further than InSol®. Our life insurance leads include phone referral leads and have everything you need for telemarketing in Texas. Our experience and expertise in the field of telemarketing comes in useful for improving your company’s sales volume.
Business with Quality and Quantity

Our company is known for its professionalism and integrity with a separate quality assurance department which takes care of employee motivation and quality control. Having been in this business for more than ten years, we are confident that our highly trained staff will be able to generate valuable life insurance leads that will help your company excel in the business.

We are always a step ahead of the rest with an average closing ratio of 50% plus.

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