Reverse Mortgage Leads

Reverse Mortgage Leads

Reverse Mortgage LeadsExclusive Reverse Mortgage Leads (RM Leads)

Our company is generating high-end exclusive reverse mortgage leads for mortgage brokers in  48 states. Reverse Mortgages for eligible seniors who are in need is the best place for the markets to flourish.

Reverse Mortgage leads our company offers will make you able to promote your Reverse Mortgage program for choosing between seniors of age 62 and more. The target seniors are usually looking for money in order to pay off their mortgage, home improvement finance or just for the retirement income. Our potential customers may be in some emergency or going through difficult times in which they completely benefit from the Reverse Mortgage program. Being in a position where you can help someone is the best feeling ever.

Reverse Mortgages are becoming more famous now than in 90’s.

Mortgage brokers have got an easy way to produce vast income now. From 2008 to 2010 the economy has been struggling and many seniors have left behind with fixed incomes and are not able to cope up with their regular expenses. A reverse mortgage is the solution they prefer to get out of such crisis. Another reason reverse mortgage is being preferred is that the home owners do not make payments and the entire interest is summed up with the property linen.

  • Our experienced callers (appointment setters) make it easy for you by providing you potential clients who are qualified.
  • Our Exclusive RM leads are generated in 48 states. The most popular states where RM leads are generated are California, New Jersey, New York and Florida.

Reverse mortgage leads we provide are in the form of quality and exclusive appointment or referral phone lead. Our leads will be qualified and will meet all the terms and conditions in order to confirm quality sales for a reverse mortgage.

The schedule can be customized as required

The schedule is organized on Monday to Saturday during 9:00 to 6:00. Choose the days and hours you think will be best and run the appointments. Two to three appointments can be conducted in a single day.

Every call is recorded for security purposes. Every lead appointment will be replaced if not verified correctly without any questions

The equity of the house 60% or more confirmed by our professional callers. Houses (no condos or town homes) with value of $250,000 and more are targeted. The callers also confirm title ownership.

Since 2006, our company has been providing reverse mortgage leads services and you can freely choose our services. Our team is available 9:00 to 5:00 at the Central Standard Time. Give us a phone call for further information.