Recent Testimonials

“The thing that makes the sales leads of your company different is that they are genuine and they really help in making a massive difference in the trending market”- Natasha B.- Dallas TX

“Every business requires quality leads generation and having a tough database of reliable leads is the major factor that influences the growth of the business. I was generating even less than 1% of the total investment I made. The usual leads have got the wrong information and the ratio of the conversation was also insignificant. My business was not making enough revenue that I could cover up the lead generation costs. After teaming up with your company, all my fears have faded away. Since the very day I rendered your services, my business is now working fine and I have been receiving successful life insurance leads that have helped promote my business. This means a lot. You guys saved my life”- Jeff Miller- San Diego CA

“Dealing in life insurance fields and Medicare I got the leads supplied by the appointment setters of your company due to which I have been able to improve my deal conversion ratio considerably. The leads I got are perfect and I have been able to convert almost 70% of my entire presentations. Thanks guys. I am definitely going to get new leads for my business in the future as well”- Linda F. – Durham NC

“Having experience in purchasing leads from tons of places ended up with nothing but disappointment. In many cases, the leads I got were already called which increased the level of stress and anxiety in my life. My business was not selling enough and everything I had was mostly being spend in searching for quality leads. But the day I found your company was the day when all my worries got away. The boost I received can be credited to the quality of Medicare supplement leads I got. In getting the high-end leads your team help me a lot throughout which not only increased my sales but escalated the growth of my business too. Now I can spend more time in focusing on the core issues of my business rather than lead generation. Your work is surely to be praised”- Robert D. – Los Angeles CA

“Converting five deals from the first twenty I purchased is a hell of a deal. I am surprised by this work and really thankful to your team. I will definitely buy more deals from you”- Rick S. – Miami-Dade FL.

Three years from now I found your company for lead generation and since then I haven’t felt the need to search for any other company for getting leads. The quality RM leads the sales of my business have increased and now I am planning to start my very own mortgage firm. Due to our valued customer relation this has been possible and I am thankful for everything you guys have done. Don’t stop and keep it up”- Joseph A.- Middlesex Co. NJ

“When I first went for your services I was not very pleased and was thinking of quitting the usage of your services. I even asked your management for refunding me. But as soon as I had a chat with the customer service representatives I came to the conclusion that I was calling the potential customers before really being there for appointments which you guys don’t support or recommend. Without giving the call I was not willing to show up but then I tried to act on the advice. Just when I did everything went back on track and I was super happy because of this. My special thanks to your team. The advice really worked”- Jessica B. – Riverside Co CA

“Phone leads are my specialty but I feel more like myself when I am on the phone. I first purchase the twenty leads from which I was successful with eight of them. The rest, I am not done with. I must say, this is an amazing job you guys are doing right there. The returns on the investments are mind-blowing”- Mark A. Sr. – Denver CO

For your records, I sold 11 of the 20 appointments that were set for me. They were great. Thanks and have a good day. D. Robins. Wichita, KS.

It always feels great when you can do business with friendly and understanding people. That is how I would like to describe the staff of this company. It provided excellent Medicare leads. Great job! Lisa P., NC.

I hope you have enough appointments for me until March 15. I am completely blown away. Your appointments are awesome! I like your appointments more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier. Thanks for your honest business. Thank you for no unexpected surprises. Anthony Gray, TX.

Never sold 5 in one day before I found your service and all 5 were on the same block. I did some shopping before, and I cannot believe this deal! Friendly and courteous people are always a pleasure doing business with. Your set appointments did exactly what you said it does. Anastasia Monroe, NV.

Now it is possible to generate Medicare leads through Senior Sales. This company is excellent for our agency. You guys are good! Alicia R, OH.

This company offers some awesome services when it comes to generating Medicare leads. It is really skilled in getting the best appointments. I loved all the appointments. Thank you. John E., NY.

I could save my business in time when I opted for the services of Medicare-leads.com. I am so thankful to your quality services and sales leads that it could help me in time. You folks rock! Andrey M., TX.

I really have great respect for your company, which managed to bring success to my agency through the Medicare advantage leads it generated. The best thing is that it generates leads round the year. That is great. Aaron D., MI.

As a satisfied customer of Senior Sales, I can say that all the Medicare leads are very helpful. The fact that they are screened makes them even better. Tina T, MO.

I was looking for fabulous Medicare sales leads for a long time. Once I found this company, I have stopped looking else where. It is my one stop shop for generating leads! Dan S., GA.

I would gladly pay again and again for your appointments. 80% to 90% presentations. 50% to 60% sign ups. Unbelievable! Thanks guys, keep up the good work! Looking forward to double my order next week! William Johnson, AL.

Invested $1,175 for 50 appointments first week and made $8,250!!! What else can I say? Thank you. Andrea Cox, NY.